Catalogue Marketing

Catalogue Marketing

Catalogue marketing is based on one-to-one communication between the marketer and the customer or potential customer. Most at-home shopping takes place through catalogues.

catalogues offer consumers a wide range of products to choose from. The layout of a catalogue is planned in a way to attract the customer, retain his attention and finally to motivate him to make a purchase. The Internet represents a tremendous marketing opportunity for catalogers, who can display their merchandise without incurring postage and paper costs. Online retailers generate more revenue in sales than traditional retailers and there is huge potential for growth. Many retailers are building their own Web sites and gathering customer data in preparation to launching an Internet catalogue.

Retailers who have compiled databases of their customers can then build mail-order sales through catalogue mailings to maximize their market opportunities.

Catalogue Direct Marketing Services…

The Advantech offers various catalogue marketing analysis services designed to reduce costs and improve the productivity and profitability of your business.

Catalogue Circulation Services

  • Develop detailed catalogue circulation plans (both short term and long term) designed to meet financial and strategic objectives
  • Estimate catalogue sales and forecast orders
  • Assess current mailing approach
  • Determine catalogue breakeven figures
  • Compile catalogue response analysis reports
  • Segment customer house file to maximize sales
  • Quarterly summaries of catalogue/email circulation and marketing results

Catalogue Marketing Services

  • Set up customer acquisition programs designed to grow the house file in a cost-effective manner
  • List rental recommendations and order placement
  • Co-op database assistance
  • Effective customer retention tactics designed to encourage additional orders from your best customers
  • Strategies for successful customer reactivation programs aimed at converting your inactive shoppers into valuable, revenue-generating buyers
  • Plan, implement and evaluate catalogue test and control groups devised to maximize sales and increase response
  • Calculate lifetime value and determine most effective use of marketing budget
  • Review multi channel contact strategy and recommend best practices
  • Identify additional sales opportunities using programs such as blow-ins, bounce backs, and package inserts
  • ROI analysis of all direct marketing and advertising efforts
  • Research/evaluate Google key words to improve web site traffic

Email Campaigns

We take an analytical approach to running email campaigns by using classic direct marketing techniques designed to maximize open and click-through rates.

  • Plan annual email campaign schedule and coordinate with catalogue drops and retail events to maximize impact on response
  • Segment email house file based on campaign objectives
  • Test email tracking links
  • Execute and evaluate email blast results

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