Legacy System Migration

Legacy System Migration

Legacy means “successful”. Legacy software is tried and tested. It runs companies, and cannot simply be waved away with a magic wand but older technologies are difficult to maintain, and this is a key point of pain for many legacy system owners. So organizations generally explore ways to leverage the strength of their legacy applications while attempting to improve their accessibility or while considering an application re-design. More often than not, meeting this objective involves moving from a traditional mainframe to client/server or web architecture. Over the years, we have executed several projects in the area of legacy software migration.

Motivation for Migration

There are a variety of reasons that a migration of a legacy system may be needed:
  • Legacy languages are hard to support.
  • People knowing legacy system languages are scarce.
  • The underlying platform is hard to support.
  • Legacy software does not integrate well with other IT systems.

Our legacy application migration capabilities are:

  • Software application migration assessment and planning
  • Moving off of unsupported technology versions
  • Stabilizing and sustaining business critical software applications
  • Realizing efficiency gains with the use of latest technologies
  • Being able to add new functionality with the use of advanced capabilities of a technology platform
  • Improving application performance and usability with software application migration
  • Allowing you to stay competitive and gain market share with software application modernization
  • Modernizing application and infrastructure
  • Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
  • Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade/migration to web platforms
  • Application implementation, training & maintenance and support.

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