Ipad Apps & Games

Ipad Apps & Games

Ipad App Development

iPad is unarguably the most popular device in the tablet sector and the fastest selling gadget ever. The launch of iPad has, yet again, changed the way things have been working till now. The experience of a user, the possibilities for business and entertainment and the requirements for an application will have a new way of functioning with an advanced technological base. 
Our highly knowledgeable iPad application developers are equipped to leverage the iPad-exclusive features like 3-axis accelerometer and the pop-over interface elements. Our iPad developers are confident and capable of redefining the interactive and gaming experience on iPad with superior development and optimum utilization of the built-in iPad features. The Advantech has the ability to guide you right from the stage of conceptualization to creating a winning iPad application and finally getting it into the App Store.

iPad App Development

  • Development friendly environment
  • Optimization of your iPhone apps for iPad
  • Creative and unique applications
  • Highly skilled and experienced iPad apps developers
  • Affordable cost without any hidden charges
  • Expertise in Apple iPhone apps development
  • Assurance of quality service
  • Delivery of your project at given time
  • Prompt and clean report
  • Dealing flexibility
  • Client support for 24 hours
  • Reduce development cost and time

Ipad Games Development

Besides our knowledge and experience in iPad app development, we bring to table our comprehensive understanding of the iPad gaming market. Our iPad game development team specializes in developing exciting and spellbinding games by perfectly blending creativity and competency with the functionalities of an iPad. They are expert in creating all genres of games including puzzle games, arcade games, social games, action, adventure and RPG games. Games powered with high-quality graphics, excellent design, exciting game play using select iPad sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope etc., to provide users the ultimate experience in gaming and ensuring commercial success for you. During our iPad game development we take care of fostering following gaming environment;

  • Sports rich backgrounds/scenarios
  • Pose challenging game situations
  • Highly interactive
  • Highly engaging
  • Creative and out-of-the-box
  • Powerful enough
  • Speedy in playing
  • Sporty in nature
  • Games with 3D Graphics
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